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This is among the best modular insert storage cases we've found.

Its removable polystyrene internal bins can be arranged in various configurations and allow easy access to contents; you can simply lift a bin out and tip the contents into your palm. Each bin has a depth of 2 7/16" (62mm). The cases measure 13 3/4" × 17 1/8", with a depth of 2 7/8".

Grid patterns on the bottom and lid of the sturdy polypropylene case interlock with the bins, so they won't shift during transport even if a few are missing. The transparent polycarbonate lid lets you find what you want easily, and it fits snugly to help prevent contents from mixing when the case is tipped. The lid locks in place with two clips, and a pair of pop-out latches on the sides can be used to clip cases together so you can carry multiple cases at a time.

The modular bins are also available separately. Having additional bins lets you quickly swap out the contents of a storage case, so you take only what you need for a job.

Made in Germany.

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