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Here’s an easy way to keep grocery bags or other loose items from spilling or shifting about as you drive.

Just arrange the brackets around your cargo – the 7 1/2" tall brackets can closely surround odd-shaped loads or trap them against the walls of a trunk or cargo area to keep everything held in place. The set includes two 17 1/4" wide brackets and two 5 3/4" wide brackets, each with a broad base to resist tipping, with grip strips on the bottom that cling to the low-pile carpeting typically found in vehicles. The compact brackets are easy to stow under a seat or in the trunk, so they’re always ready when you need them (and not in the way when you don’t).

You also get two 47" length-adjustable straps that can be used to belt everything together, and two 9" straps with hook-and-loop fasteners, used to lash individual items to the bracket – especially helpful when securing awkward, top-heavy loads.

An effective solution to a common problem, and excellent value.