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Cleaning your vehicle’s hard-to-reach spots can be a challenge. We’ve combined three excellent products to help make the job easier: a flexible nozzle attachment that lets you easily vacuum dust and debris from nooks and crannies, a triangular-shaped tool that excels at cleaning the inside of your windshield, and two sheets of super-absorbent leather chamois.

Vaccuflex Set

For vacuuming in places that can’t be accessed with an ordinary rigid nozzle, this flexible nozzle attachment comes as a set of four sections of vinyl tubing that can be combined to form a single hose just under 84" long. Also included is a 2' length of high-density polyethylene tubing that is more rigid and can be bent into a curve for longer reach and greater control. Two adapters are supplied to fit most vacuums.

Glass and Surface Cleaner

This useful tool has a padded head that pivots to adjust to surface angles and a low-profile triangular shape to work into corner recesses. It comes with three detachable (and reusable) cleaning bonnets in nylon mesh, microfiber and terry cloth; a second head is supplied to let you quickly switch applications.


Our sheepskin chamois is tanned with 100% cod oil. Soft and absorbent, it cleans surfaces well and leaves no trace contaminants that can interfere with finishes. Available in a pack of two (each measuring 26cm × 37cm), giving you 2 sq.ft. of leather in total.

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