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If the unusual design doesn't catch your attention, the name certainly will. The German words fussel schreck suggest it "frightens" dirt – an apt description for these surprisingly effective brooms.

Used in a raking motion, they are particularly useful when sweeping rough or uneven surfaces; the aggressive curve of the bristles grabs dirt out of cracks and crevices that a regular broom skates right over. The telescoping metal handle is adjustable from 32” to 56” long and joins to the brush head with a European-threaded metal ferrule. Its hang loop is convenient for storage.

The outdoor broom has a 16” wide head for jobs such as sweeping driveways or interlock patios. It even cleans fine gravel out of doormats. The indoor version has an 11 1/2” wide head that gets into tight spaces and around obstacles, with short, thin bristles for sweeping up dust and debris on all types of floors.

Made in Germany. Highly recommended.

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