Accessibility Statement


These items are discontinued. Available while quantities last.

An easy, adaptable way to help ensure you can be seen in dim light, these highly reflective strips come with an iron-on or a peel-and-stick backing, so you can affix them to just about any clothing or gear. The material reflects light much like highway signs do: light from any angle bounces back directly towards the source at nearly the same brightness, permitting good visibility over considerable distances.

The iron-on versions can be applied to most fabrics that are safe to iron at the medium or wool/silk/rayon setting (230 to 302°F/110 to 150°C), forming a semi-permanent bond that typically lasts for 50 washings. They come as a package containing four each of 4" × 1", 4" × 1/2" and 2" × 3/4" strips.

The peel-and-stick versions have a high-tack adhesive backing that can also be applied to fabric, but adheres best to smooth, rigid surfaces. Package contains two 8" × 1/2", two 4" × 3/4" and four 4" × 1" strips.

Made in USA.