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Nearly everyone has tried to trace an electrical cord back to a crowded power bar, only to unplug the wrong one among the jumble of cables. These convenient clip-on markers eliminate the guesswork, providing an instant visual reference to indicate which cord belongs to what device.

The smaller markers (about 7/8" dia. by 3/8" thick) fit most appliance cords, as well as electronic cables such as those used with entertainment systems or computer equipment. Supplied in a package of 10 in five different colors, they can be used to identify equipment by color-coding, or by inserting one of the 36 included disk-shaped cards that you mark as needed.

The larger, more robust 1" × 5/8" markers fit heavier-gauge cords (up to 14-gauge) such as extension cords and those found on power tools. Sold in packages of five, they come with 25 icon cards used to identify common workshop equipment* (for other tools, the cards can be marked as needed on the blank side).

* Drill (x2), chop saw, jig saw, circular saw, router, palm sander, reciprocating saw, drill press, radio, charger (x2), shop vacuum, belt sander, bench sander, cordless drill, bandsaw, work light, shop fan, compressor, and extension cords in 9', 20', 25', 50' and 100' lengths.