The great advantage of this splitter is that it requires less strength and dexterity than an axe. It is particularly effective for splitting kindling from small pieces, as your hands are kept clear. You just place the wood under the wedge and lift the 3.3kg (7 1/4 lb) weight to the top of the shaft and propel it downward.

The head has two different wedge tips, one for larger blocks and another with an acute bevel to split kindling. Green straight-grained blocks 8" or less in diameter can be split with a few blows; larger blocks require more, especially if the grain is interlocked.

Made largely from plated and epoxy-coated steel, the tool permanently installs in a length of log by drilling a single hole. Drill bit and assembly wrench included. Maximum length of block that can be split is about 21".

Designed in Sweden, this is a safe and easy way of preparing firewood.