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Hand made in Sweden from a Norwegian design, this wall-mounted tool makes light work of preparing softwood kindling. Simply raise the arm and register stock up to about 14" in length against one of the notches in the stepped cast-iron mounting bracket. Press the steel blade into the end of the wood, taking advantage of the leverage provided by the 22 1/2" arm.

Periodically repositioning the wood on progressively higher notches helps maintain effective leverage as the blade advances through the cut, typically requiring just a few strokes. The sturdy hinge restricts side-to-side blade movement, making the process safer and more controllable than using an axe.

The splitter mounts with four included lag screws; mounting holes are spaced on 2 5/8" centers. When the splitter is not in use, an included safety ring can be slipped over the end of the arm to hold it in the closed position.

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