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This innovative lantern emits a surprising amount of light, considering its power source. No power cord or batteries are required; it generates its own electricity by harnessing the heat energy of a single candle flame to run eight LEDs. It produces the equivalent light of about 18 tealight candles (70 lumens), more than enough to read by or illuminate a table top.

The lantern’s operation is based on a phenomenon known as the Seebeck effect, using thermocouple technology to generate an electrical current by exploiting the temperature difference between the inside of the lantern and the cooler outside air. As long as the candle inside the lamp housing is burning, the LEDs will continue to emit light.

Largely made of stainless steel, aluminum and tempered glass, the lantern is 7" × 7" × 8" tall. An internal chamber keeps the flame safely enclosed, preventing it from blowing out, even in strong winds. The LEDs are set inside the rim of the peaked roof, which can be placed on top of the lantern to illuminate a localized area, or elevated on two telescoping supports for a wider floodlight effect.

A useful lamp wherever an electrical outlet isn’t available, and great to have on hand in case of power failures. Three tealights included.

Made in Canada.

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