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Although we were skeptical at first, we’ve found that this lighting fixture gives much better lighting than its price and no-frills appearance might suggest.

Producing bright, even illumination suitable for a workshop, garage or other workspace, its four arms can tilt independently up to 90° to direct the light where it’s needed. They can be aimed down into the middle of the room or angled up to cast light far out to the sides, into dark corners that are often poorly lit by typical ceiling-mount fixtures.

The energy-efficient LED arrays draw only 40W yet are nearly twice as bright as a 100W incandescent bulb, emitting 3000 lumens of white, well-diffused light without hotspots or harsh shadows that can obscure your work. The light simply screws into any standard overhead light socket, and comes with an optional extension to permit the clearance needed for arm adjustment when installed in a bare ceiling fixture.

An easy, inexpensive way to upgrade task lighting.

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