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What sets this apart from other work lights is that its built-in dynamo ensures you are not dependent on batteries or a separate charger to provide power when you need it. It emits a bright, diffused light at two intensity levels and, unlike an incandescent trouble light, the multi-point light source does not cast harsh shadows.

The high setting uses 60 LED bulbs; the low setting uses 28. One minute of cranking provides about 15 minutes of light at the high setting, depending on cranking speed.

A swivelling hook lets you hang the light as needed and folds into the back for storage. Integral rare-earth magnets let you mount it on any ferrous surface, such as on a fender for a tire change or inside the hood for engine work.

It has a rubberized ribbed casing for good grip, even with wet or greasy hands. A clear polycarbonate shield protects the bulbs from damage. The LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours (over 10 years of constant use), so they will never need replacing. Housing measures 12" long by 2 1/8" wide by 1 5/8" thick; the LED array is about 5" long by 1" wide.

An outstanding light to keep around the house, in a vehicle or at a campsite.

Optional AC adapter available separately.

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