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If you've ever found that aiming a work light to shine where you needed it was trickier than the task you were trying to illuminate, you'll recognize why this LED work light is such a clever design.

First, it offers three ways to position the light hands-free – it can be set freestanding on a flat surface, hung from the fold-out hook, or affixed to any ferrous surface with the strong rare-earth magnet in the base. You can then choose between a wide-angle floodlight or a narrow-focus beam that you can aim to spotlight at a specific area.

The 16-LED floodlight array in the side uses chip-on-board (COB) circuitry to emit evenly diffused illumination without hotspots or harsh shadows, bathing a broad area in white light. The two narrow-focus LEDs are set in a head that pivots 180° front-to-back and swivels 360° so you can aim the beam as needed.

8" long overall with a sturdy ABS body, the light runs on four AAA batteries (not included). A real frustration saver.

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