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Special buy. Limited stock.

Even if you’re blessed with perfect eyesight, once you’re in the habit of carrying this compact illuminated magnifier, you might be surprised how often you reach for it. Invaluable for reading small text, especially in dim light, it’s well worth the small amount of space it occupies.

Only 2 1/8" × 3" and just over 1/4" thick, it has a slim shape and rounded corners. The shatterproof, scratch-resistant lens has a main 2X square lens inset with a small 6X round lens at one corner. A single LED casts a bright wide-angle beam onto the viewing area; the on/off switch lies flush with the side of the body to avoid accidental activation.

It runs on an included button-cell battery, and even the battery compartment is well designed, secured by a foldout hatch that’s easy to access – no tiny screwdriver required. Comes with a protective sleeve. Various colors, depending on supply.

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