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A favorite with astronauts since the mid-1960s, and widely used by other professionals (particularly those who work outdoors), this pen uses a non-leaking, non-freezing, waterproof gel ink in a pressurized cartridge.

This means you can write over your head with the pen upside down, and the ink will still flow to the tip, or you can pull it out of your car's glove compartment when it is -30°F (-34°C) and it will still write. It is also unaffected by heat, so it won't leak when left on the dashboard in the summer sun.

You can write with it underwater, or in the middle of a downpour on wet paper. It even writes on some greasy surfaces, unlike most pens.

The tungsten carbide ball (which actually shears the gel ink from the cartridge) is virtually indestructible and can be used on abrasive surfaces without damage.

Measures 5 3/8" long when opened and with the cap on the end but a compact 3 3/4" when closed. The durable brass casing won't crack like plastic and is bound to last generations. It has a matte black coating and comes with a long-life, black ink, medium-point cartridge.

Estimated shelf life is about 100 years. Comes with a presentation case with a history of the pen.

Black and blue refills available separately.

An outstanding product.

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