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We have combined a top-quality, 192-page logbook and the popular Harvard Planner (the 2020 Elite edition) into a compact and highly functional portable office. The 9" × 7" hardcover logbook has a Smyth-sewn binding, guaranteeing it will easily open flat and the only way you'll ever lose a page is if you tear it out. The lined pages have a ghosted grid to aid with quick sketches. The outer folio is made of cloth-backed vinyl, edge sewn to last. The design allows three pages to be displayed at once, permitting log entries to be made with the week's activity planner or action list visible. The planner includes a separate phone/address book with world atlas. Stiff reinforcing panels let the folio function as a lap desk as well. It even has two rare-earth magnets hidden in the spine to ensure that your favorite pen or pencil doesn't go adrift.

The folio system provides a simple, time-tested way to record and recall thoughts, decisions and data, ideal for today's complex lives. The complete system measures a very compact 8" × 10" × 1 1/2". For those who already have a planner, the folio and logbook can also be purchased as a set. The folio will house a planner up to 9" high and 6 1/2" wide.

Made in Canada.

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