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The all-weather paper used in this notepad was developed for use by loggers in the Pacific Northwest, where precipitation of some variety is almost a daily occurrence. The value of the patented paper is that it will not absorb water. It won't curl or wrinkle from exposure to moisture, and you can write on it with an ordinary pencil without smudging or tearing the paper, even if it’s completely submerged. You can even take notes in a downpour if you have to.

At 4" × 6", with rigid plastic covers and a top-spiral binding, this pocket-sized 50-page notebook is easy to slip into and out of a pocket without snagging. The pages are ruled on both sides with solid horizontal lines at 1/4" (6mm) spacing, crossed by dotted vertical lines, forming a light grid pattern that is helpful for sketching.

An excellent pad for anyone who writes or sketches outdoors, or keeps notes where humidity is a concern, such as in a basement, garage or shed. Made in USA.

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