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Nearly everyone has jotted an important note on a scrap of paper, then lost the note or forgotten where they wrote it. These notebooks help keep your valuable ideas organized and accessible so they're easily retrieved when needed.

You get six 48-page notebooks, which come in a case made of rigid card stock. Each of the 3 7/8" × 3 1/4" notebooks is small, slim and flexible enough to slip unobtrusively into a pocket. Bound in a protective cover made of stiffer paper, the pages are sturdy 70 lb bond paper printed with dotted lines forming a light grid pattern of 1/4" squares with dots 1/16" apart, making it easy to do scale drawings. Each case is supplied with a blank label to identify the contents if archived for later reference.

A more reliable alternative to using napkins and envelopes to record your insights, urgent reminders or other thoughts worthy of preserving.

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