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A popular and lively Scandinavian outdoor game that many claim dates back to the Vikings, koob, or “kubb” as it is spelled in Swedish, means “short log” – but it’s a lot more fun than the name suggests!

Swedes consider it a party game and enjoy it on grass, sand or snow, playing in two teams of one to six (often rowdy) players. The game begins with five koobs standing at each end and a single king placed in the middle of the playing area (usually 16' × 26' but you can easily adapt it to available space or the age and skills of the players).

Teams take turns throwing the six batons, trying to knock down all the opposing team’s koobs before toppling the king to win. Made in Canada from unfinished birch, this non-regulation size set comes with a cloth bag and an instruction booklet – there are some interesting twists and strategies to this game, so it pays to read the rules carefully.

Suitable for ages five and up, it’s great four-season fun.

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