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It can be a real pain to lose an eyeglass screw. Not only are the screws tiny, making them difficult to hold and reinsert (if you can first find them!), but trying to do so while you can't see well makes the task much harder than it actually is.

That's why we like this contingency kit. It includes five different screws in common thread sizes for eyeglasses, along with a small slot screwdriver.

The screws are a special design, about three times longer than a typical screw and with an unthreaded portion. This not only makes them easier to handle but lets you use the screw like a pin to align the hinge before it is tightened. Once the screw is threaded in, you simply snap off the exposed length, which is pre-scored to break neatly and easily.

Simple and convenient, it is a great way to save a trip to the optometrist (or to save the day when you aren't anywhere near one).

Highly recommended. Makes an excellent small gift for the bespectacled.

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