Accessibility Statement


Whether for shopping, laundry or a day at the beach, this versatile, practical tote has plenty of room for loose items, but when it’s not needed, it collapses into a compact bundle so it’s not bulky to carry or store.

Rigid ribs snap into place as it’s being unfolded, enabling it to hold its shape so it won’t droop or tip over when you set it down. It has a broad, flat floor that keeps it upright and stable when transported in a vehicle, with sturdy plastic feet on the underside to help keep it clean and dry.

Made from heavy-duty canvas, it has a zippered inside pocket for small items, and synthetic leather handles. It measures 18" × 11 1/2" × 11 1/4" tall in use, and easily folds flat to less than 1 1/2" thick to tuck it under your arm, or to fit it in a closet or under the seat of a car, held by a broad elastic strap to keep it securely wrapped.

Durably constructed with a simple, attractive design, it’s useful for an array of situations calling for a rugged, roomy tote.