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This highly effective hand cleaner is the only one of its kind to be certified by Canada's Environmental Choice Program as well as Green Seal as being safe for both the user and the environment.

Containing no toxic solvents, phosphates, chemicals, alkali, etc., it uses an innovative organic surfactant chemistry that penetrates and loosens the bond of substrate oils, grease and grime.

Effective on even hard-to-clean substances such as pine tar, wood stains and printer's ink, it works by capturing offending dirt particles within a micro-cell of surfactant, releasing them from the surface being cleaned.

Because the surfactant contains no abrasive particulates, it is gentle on skin. The built-in conditioners leave skin feeling moisturized. Use in the same fashion as regular soap – wet hands, apply cleaner, scrub, rinse and repeat if required.

The 6.5 oz bottle provides about 125 washes; the 1 lb bottle offers about 300 washes.

Made in USA.

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