Accessibility Statement


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Easy to set up in minutes, this hanging wall organizer lets you create adaptable, accessible storage.

Simply hung from nails or screws driven into wall studs, it holds over 100 lb in an area 60" tall by just 44 1/2" wide.

It has a dozen 7 1/2" wide pockets – six are 29" deep for long-handled tools, and six are 8" deep to hold smaller tools or accessories. Made of strong, highly wear-resistant heavy-gauge PVC mesh, it lets you see the contents of each pocket. Two adjustable quick-release straps hold hose, rope, power cords or other bulky items.

Its sturdy stainless-steel grommets are spaced 16" apart along the top edge, with additional grommets at the sides and lower corners to hold it in position.

A simple, space-efficient way to keep a wide assortment of items off the floor and out of the way.

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