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Shackles are useful when you need a strong, secure anchor or link connection for rope, chain or web straps. These shackles are stainless steel for corrosion resistance and have threaded pin closures. The D-shackle is a good choice for in-line link connections, while the bow shackle has a larger inner radius to take up loads from other angles, making it particularly useful as an anchor point.

The set of six D-shackles includes two each of 5mm × 18mm (pin diameter by inside height of shackle), 6mm × 22mm and 8mm × 29mm sizes, supplied on a 3" diameter aluminum carabiner.

The five-piece bow shackle set includes two 6mm × 25mm, two 8mm × 33mm and one 10mm × 42mm size, also on a 3" aluminum carabiner.

These shackles are not for use where disengagement could result in injury.

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