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Plastic buckets are a common sight in hardware stores and garden centers, but most are cheaply made. This pail is made with stronger than usual sidewalls (nearly 3/32" thick) and molded from food-approved high-density polyethylene, so you can rely on it for bulk storage even in the pantry.

When closed with a lid (available separately), the pail can support a load of up to 308 lb (140kg) on the top, allowing you to stack pails or use one as an improvised seat. Empty pails can nest in one another. The stainless-steel bail handle is strong and rust-resistant, and has a plastic grip for comfort.

The 19 litre (5 gal.) capacity is a convenient size for making concrete, mixing soil or water additives to the right proportions, transplanting plants with established roots, and many other odd jobs. Just under 12 1/4" in diameter and 14 3/4" tall overall.

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