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Whenever you have to move large, heavy objects, a hand truck is invaluable – however, the usual problem is where to store it when you are done with it. That’s why this folding hand truck is such a good idea. When not in use, it folds to a compact 19" × 31" panel only 2 1/4" thick, so it’s easy to hang on a wall or store in a closet or car trunk.

Well balanced and maneuverable, it supports up to 330 lb (150kg) and has a 13" × 19" bed to carry large, bulky objects. It has a sturdy steel frame, an aluminum and plastic handle that is offset for hand clearance when moving tall objects, and an 80" elastic cord to help secure loads. Stands about 43" tall when unfolded. 6 3/4" dia. puncture-proof tires. Weighs 11 1/2 lb.

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