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This item is discontinued. Available while quantities last.

If you've ever seen the deck of a skateboard, you'll immediately recognize this high-friction material. It has a layer of 60x abrasive bonded between two layers of durable PVC polymers, creating a soft, pliable but durable material that wears slowly — we've had it in high-traffic areas of our warehouse for months with little material degradation.

It is usable anywhere traction is a concern or where a high-friction surface is desirable. It can also be used to face a tool, jig or fixture for sure stock grip.

The high-tack, acrylic adhesive backing is water resistant and suitable for use in temperatures from -5° to 50°C (23° to 122°F).

Available in 20-yard rolls, 1" or 2" wide, in black or a contrasting black-and-yellow pattern.