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Cinched around items that need to be coiled or bundled for storage, these wraps keep everything held together in a manageable parcel. The 13-piece set includes two types of wraps in three sizes, plus a large, handled version. Fastened with hook-and-loop strips that can be quickly secured around articles of various sizes and shapes, each holds up to 50 lb.

Suitable for outdoor applications, the heavy-duty wraps are made from woven polypropylene similar to seatbelt material, with a grommet at the end that can be hung from a hook. The small holds loads up to about 3" in diameter, the medium up to 3 3/4", and the large up to about 5".

The stretch version is made from a tough elastic material with a plastic buckle, which lets you stretch and tighten the wrap before fastening it. Acting much like a tensor bandage, it holds everything tightly together without digging in or marring surfaces, helpful when binding fragile or irregularly shaped objects. The small adjusts from 1 1/2" to 3 1/2" in diameter, the medium from 2" to 5", and the large 2 3/4" to 7 3/4".

The large easy-carry version is made of the same durable fabric as the heavy-duty version, but has a large, cushioned handle, so it’s easier to carry heavy, awkward items that lack a convenient gripping point (up to 50 lb and about 8" in diameter).

A lot of utility at an excellent price.

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