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It’s often said that children can have as much fun with a box as they do with the toy that came in it. That’s the idea behind these simple fasteners and tools, designed to expand the possibilities of cardboard as a creative medium. Neater than glue, safer than staples and sturdier than tape, the broad plastic screws are easy for little fingers to handle, and can form fixed as well as rotating connections.

The reusable screws come in two lengths: 1/2" for joining up to three layers of 1/8" thick corrugated cardboard, and 3/4" to fasten up to six layers or for thicker cardboard. The 50-piece set includes 36 short screws and 12 long screws, plus a plastic driver and a safe-edged plastic saw for shaping cardboard. A rounded awl tip at the end of the saw handle helps punch tidy holes so it’s easier to position and drive screws. The kit also includes a foldable cardboard tool carrier for holding the screws and tools.

Besides its great play value, this set has practical uses for adults, such as making models of future projects (so if screws go missing, try looking in the workshop). One of the most creative gift ideas we’ve seen.

Ages 4+.

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