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Now popular around the world, traditional axe-throwing contests trace back to various Medieval cultures, but are often associated with the Vikings, who used them for both sport and combat training.

Developed and made in Sweden, this scaled-down Scandinavian axe-throwing game lets you unleash your inner Viking while having some lively backyard fun with family and friends. A challenging test of hand-eye coordination, the game requires skill and accuracy that improve with practice.

It’s similar to darts, but you throw a small double-bit axe with a steel head that’s sharp and heavy enough to embed firmly in the included wooden target. Each player begins with 505 points, tossing three axes per turn to score points that are deducted from the total. Victory belongs to the first player to reach zero – but you must reach exactly zero for your last turn to count, often making for tense moments in the final throws of the game.

The set includes three mini-axes (about 5 1/2" long), a 10" diameter target with a hanging cord, and a booklet of game rules as well as tips on axe-throwing technique, all in a sturdy jute storage sack. In case the axe handles break, it also comes with nine replacements (instructions on how to remove and replace a broken handle are covered in the game booklet).

An often boisterous game, recommended for players age 16 and up.

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