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Combining two classic tabletop games, this sturdy and attractive game board makes a fun addition to time spent with family and friends.

What makes pichenotte and carrom so widely appealing is that each can be played with just the flick of a finger. For two or more players in singles or teams, they are quick to set up and easy to play on the MDF board, which is marked in two colors to clearly differentiate the games. Taking careful aim, you flick small wooden rings in pichenotte, or a resin striker disc in carrom, propelling them across the board and into one of four mesh corner pockets to score points.

The board has basswood side boards (so you can surprise opponents with a cunning ricochet) and a rotating base so you can easily move the board to set up your shot.

Made in Canada, the board measures 31 1/2" × 31 1/2" and comes with all game pieces and instructions. Ages 6 and up.

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