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Many fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats dry well. Using only 500 watts of electricity, this unit sends a warm flow of air over and through four stacking trays (included), each of which holds over 100 of foodstuff. It is particularly effective for making lightweight snacks for camping or hiking, preserving berries in season, or reducing tomatoes to flavorful dried slices for easy storage.

The thermostat adjusts from 95°F to 160°F (35°C to 71°C) to suit the food being dried; for example, herbs dry best at a lower temperature while jerky requires a higher temperature. The included smooth sheet lines a tray for making fruit rolls. Extra trays and fruit roll sheets are available to expand capacity (to a maximum of 12).

The top-mounted motor ensures drippings cannot fall into the motor housing. The dehydrator measures 13 1/2" in diameter by 9 3/4" high and comes with a manual full of recipes and detailed guidelines. An easy means of keeping a bumper crop from going to waste.

Made in USA.

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