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Essentially a hybrid of a spatula and a pair of tongs, this unusual implement is designed to gently lift and hold flaky fish or other delicate foods without damaging them.

Made of food-safe silicone, the broad 5 1/2" wide spatula side is flexible and has a bevelled edge to slide neatly under food. The stainless-steel wire loops on the opposite side hold food securely without crushing it. About 13 1/2" long overall, the tongs have stainless-steel handles with a simple locking ring at the hinge to keep them closed for compact storage; simply tug on the end loop to lock them shut, and press to release. The handles won’t spring open accidentally in a drawer or dishwasher. The tongs are also superb when cooking items wrapped in parchment or for handling tender, fleshy vegetables such as asparagus.

Dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 572°F (300°C). Highly recommended.