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Made in Portland, Oregon, by Best Manufacturing, a company that has specialized in premium-quality whisks since 1959, these are well-made kitchen essentials.

The thick, well-balanced handles are comfortable to grip, helping avoid hand and wrist strain, and their sturdy, well-spaced wires spring back to their original shape when flexed in use. The whisks are 18/8 stainless steel with tough, food-safe epoxy infill used to seal the wires within the handle so there are no nooks and crannies to trap food or moisture.

They are available in three classic styles, each filling a particular set of uses in the kitchen.

The balloon whisk is 11 1/2" long and has a bulbous end that makes it easy to whip air into foods such as soufflés, meringues and whipped cream.

The French whisk is 10 1/4" long and has a narrower tip that's easy to maneuver when beating eggs, blending, or stirring sauces, especially in smaller mixing vessels.

The flat whisk is 10" long and has a gently curved tip that makes broad contact with the bottom of cookware, useful when making pan gravy, deglazing, or making a roux.

Dishwasher safe, non-rusting and highly durable, each is made to last a lifetime.

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