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This vacuum-storage system is designed to keep food fresh up to five times longer than when stored with no vacuum.

Used with any glass jars with metal screw-top lids, it inhibits spoilage by creating a vacuum that leaves less than 25% of the original air inside the jar. Since mold and bacteria need oxygen to live, removing air significantly limits their ability to survive, while slowing oxidation of organic compounds associated with fresh flavors and textures in perishable foods. It also extends the shelf life of non-perishables such as pasta, nuts, flour or cereal, since removing the air also eliminates airborne moisture, which is what causes dry pantry goods to go stale.

This set comes with three reusable stopper valves as well as a tool used to cut a small hole in the metal lid to accommodate a stopper. An included hand pump fits onto the stopper to purge the air from the jar and makes an audible click to let you know when to stop pumping. When the pump is removed, the stopper maintains a reliable seal until the lid is opened.

The stopper valves also form a tight seal in standard glass bottles to preserve the flavor of anything from wine to cooking oil long after it’s been opened (not for use with carbonated beverages).

A simple but highly effective way to reduce food waste.

Additional stopper valves are sold separately in a package of six.

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