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Here’s an effective way to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh longer. Each keeper has a basket insert to keep contents elevated and away from the sides of the container. This aids not only with drainage, but also air circulation.

You can use the removable basket as a colander for rinsing contents as well. The lid has an adjustable vent to help control humidity and a replaceable carbon filter that absorbs ethylene gas, a natural byproduct of the ripening process that can otherwise accelerate spoilage. The filter lasts about three months and replacements are available separately.

The 1.6 quart (1.5 litre) keeper is 6 3/4" × 5 7/8" × 4", a good size for holding berries; the 4.3 quart (4 litre) size measures 8 5/8" × 7 1/2" × 6 1/4" and has space for bulkier fruits and vegetables; the 5 quart (4.7 litre) container is 13 3/8" × 6 1/4" × 5 1/2" and accommodates longer vegetables or leafy greens. Well constructed from BPA-free plastic.

A great idea for extending the life of your produce – and keeping it out of the compost bin. Dishwasher safe.

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