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With insulating properties comparable to premium brands costing much more, this thermal tumbler does a great job of keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

A vacuum cavity between the thick double-walls of stainless steel ensures the beverage inside maintains its temperature for long periods, while the outside remains comfortable to the touch.

A slider covers the opening so beverages flow easily when you want them to and won’t slosh out when you don’t, and the lid seals shut with a thick silicone O-ring. (It seals so well, in fact, that with hot drinks, we recommend keeping the slider slightly open to prevent air pressure building up inside and lifting the lid.)

The 20 fl oz (591ml) tumbler has a durable powder-coat finish with the Lee Valley tree printed on the side. Available in four colors (including Pantone’s 2021 color of the year, dubbed “Illuminating,” which happens to be a close match to one of our official logo colors).

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