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Each of these popular baking tools has a stainless-steel blade that is thin and flexible yet strong and durable.

The spatula is only 0.010" thick at the leading edge (less than the thickness of three sheets of typical printer paper), so, unlike thicker plastic spatulas, it can slide under an egg or a warm cookie without acting like a snowplow. It measures 10 1/2" overall with a 3 5/8" long blade.

The cake knife and server is based on a popular early 1900s model. It is 11" long overall and has a 6" blade that tapers from 0.015" near to the handle to 0.010" at the tip, so you can use it for both cutting and serving.

The pastry knife is ideal for releasing crust from a rolling board, and then for folding it in half and transferring it to a pan. Its very thin 10" long blade is 0.039" thick at the handle, giving it the rigidity needed, tapering to only 0.010" at the tip to slip neatly under the pastry without tearing it.

Each has a wooden handle and comes with a fitted guard for protection. Great tools for the home cook. We offer the set at a 20% saving compared to buying the items individually.