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Save 15% on this set compared to buying the items individually.

For novice and experienced pasta makers alike, we’ve combined a high-quality pasta extruder and a pair of drying racks to help you expand your pasta-making repertoire to include bucatini, fusilli, rigatoni and two sizes of macaroni. With surprisingly little time and effort, you can produce professional-looking pasta by simply cranking the machine’s handle to force dough through one of the interchangeable dies, forming distinctive traditional patterns. An included steel slicer wire lets you cut the noodles to the desired length.

For drying pasta before cooking or storing, the stacking racks have fine mesh trays to allow fast, all-over drying without leaving grid marks, even on soft dough.

A practical addition to any collection of pasta tools.

Marcato Pasta Extruder

This device lets you create fresh homemade pasta in four different shapes without the tricky, time-consuming process of forming them by hand. It comes with a screw clamp that lets you mount the unit firmly to a countertop for stability in use. Sturdily built from durable ABS plastic, polycarbonate and chrome-plated steel, it measures about 11 1/2" × 5" × 7 1/2" and disassembles easily for cleaning by hand.

Made in Italy by a company that has been making high-quality pasta-making tools since the 1930s.

Pasta & Herb Drying Racks

Besides drying pasta such as macaroni and rigatoni, these racks are an excellent way to air-dry herbs, mushrooms, and even fruit and flowers. Legs connect firmly to the tray beneath so the stack is stable, and raise each 19 3/4" × 15 3/4" tray up 3 3/4" to allow better air circulation. Legs can be removed for ease of storage.

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