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No matter what level your pasta-making skills may be, this tablet lets you make ravioli that are virtually perfect every time.

Made in Italy, it has an anodized aluminum base with 10 deeply cupped molds designed to hold just the right amount of filling, so it won’t squeeze out or tear the pasta. It has a tough polycarbonate grid that serves as a cutter and lifter, with raised edges tall enough to cut and seal the pasta layers without crushing when the roller is passed over it. A quick lift and turn of the grid releases the ravioli.

The tablet weighs just over 2 1/2 lb and has slip-resistant pads on the base. Simply clean with a soft brush or dry cloth. Together, the base and grid measure about 13 1/2" × 4 1/2" × 1". Instructions and recipes included. A prized addition to any collection of pasta tools.