Accessibility Statement


This is a larger version of our Peasant Chef's Knife, which has long been a favorite of our customers and staff alike. Both designs are based on an antique French knife, capable of chopping vegetables or finely dicing herbs. With an 8 1/2" long blade, it is an excellent complement to its 6 3/4" cousin.

It’s made of carbon steel, which is easier to sharpen than stainless steel and takes a better edge. While carbon steel develops a dark patina in use, it doesn’t affect the blade’s function in any way. We include simple instructions on how to quickly restore the original bright finish if you wish. About 14" overall, with a handle made of resin-impregnated wood secured with brass rivets.

Now we know we said that the peasant knife would be the one you reach for most often – but with this one in the drawer, we’re not sure that statement will be universally accurate now. Highly recommended.

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