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A far cry from the safety scissors you used in school, these high-quality tools have real utility around the house, garden and workshop. Made in Solingen, Germany, from industrial-grade stainless steel, their blades are hardened to prolong edge life, and are specially ground to reduce risk of injury. They cut cleanly, yet if their flattened “edges” inadvertently contact your skin, you're much less likely to cut yourself. Usable right- or left-handed, they have contoured plastic handles with rubber inserts for a comfortable non-slip grip, and come in a set of two styles.

The 6" precision scissors have 2 3/4" blades that work well for light-duty tasks, permitting controlled, detailed cuts in materials such as paper, card stock or cloth, even through multiple layers.

The 8" multi-purpose scissors have 3" blades for heavier-duty jobs such as cutting plastic strapping, cardboard, carpet or other tough materials, and have a built-in wire cutter on the blades, and metal jaws below the handle for use as a bottle opener or nutcracker.

Also sold individually.

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