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Providing a wealth of dietary information at your fingertips, this scale is programmed with detailed nutritional data for nearly 1000 foods (from soup to nuts – literally!) so you can easily monitor what you put on your plate. The LCD screen shows the calorie, carbohydrate, fat, salt, protein, cholesterol and fiber values of the food item placed on the scale based on its weight.

Key-codes listed in the included guide are used to specify the food type. For easy reference, the guide lists eight categories of foods and ingredients: dairy, fruit, grain, legume, liquids, meat, vegetables and snacks. Codes for common foods are also shown under the scale's tempered glass face. It can even tally the data for several different foods, useful when you want to calculate the nutrition of a complete meal or your total daily consumption. An auto shut-off feature helps to preserve battery life.

Measuring about 10" × 6" and less than an inch thick, the scale stores easily in a drawer or cupboard. 11 lb (5kg) capacity with weights shown in g, oz or lb/oz. Five-year warranty. Three AAA batteries included.

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