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Accurate and easy to use, this thermometer takes the guesswork out of making foods such as candy, jellies and maple syrup. It has an adjustable stainless-steel clip that attaches to the side of a pan, keeping the thermometer’s tip from contacting the sides or bottom.

Clear temperature scales in a range from 100° to 500°F and 38° to 260°C are shown, as well as markings for candy-making stages (jelly, thread, soft-ball, hard-ball, soft-crack and hard-crack and caramel), so you can keep an eye on critical temperature thresholds, while an adjustable indicator can be moved to your ideal temperature, letting you clearly see when it has be reached.

Not only for candy making, it works equally well for deep-frying foods and includes a temperature marking for optimum deep frying. NSF-rated for food safety, it is about 6 5/8" long. Oven safe.

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