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For anyone who wants to explore making fermented foods, we’ve combined a simple, effective fermentation set and an informative guide to help you get started. For use with Mason jars you may already own, the valve-and-weight set simplifies the process of fermenting small batches. The 250-page guide explains the basics of fermentation and provides expert tips and recipes. Save about 17% on the combination compared to buying the items individually.

Fermentation Set

This set has a glass weight that helps keep ingredients submerged, while the jar's threaded collar holds the silicone airlock in place, acting as a one-way valve to keep air out but releasing built-up pressure so you don't have to monitor it constantly. Available in regular-mouth or wide-mouth versions.

Mastering Fermentation

by Mary Karlin

This book demystifies the process of fermentation by explaining the basics: equipment, ingredients, fermenting agents and techniques. It outlines methods for fermenting fruits and vegetables, grain, meat and fish, with easy-reference charts covering dry salting, brining, whey fermenting and starter-culture fermenting. The guide includes 20 recipes ranging from cheese and sourdough bread to yogurt and beer.


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