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Using effective tools is a sure way to make food preparation easier. In our opinion, the three items in this selection help to do just that. The looped corer lets you neatly remove seeds, cores and pulp from fruits and vegetables with minimal waste, and the herb stripper allows you to quickly remove herb leaves from their stems without bruising or tearing. The strawberry huller makes quick work of removing the stem, leaves and fibrous core of the fruit without damaging the rest of the berry. 

Fruit & Vegetable Corer

This unusual-looking tool can do everything from neatly seeding peppers to coring pears. It also excels at removing the pulp from tomatoes or zucchini. The stainless-steel blade is bevelled on both sides for use in either hand, and the shape of the loop allows for precise control. Approximately 6 1/2" long overall.

Herb Stripper

This easy-to-use tool has notches to accommodate varying herb stem thicknesses; simply place a notch over the stem and pull the stalk through, repositioning the tool as needed. It even works with thyme’s branching stems and delicate tips. About 5 3/4" long.

Strawberry Huller

To hull strawberries, simply press the tool’s rear button to open the spring-loaded jaws, press the tips into the top of the berry, release the button and twist. Because you control the width and depth of cut, you can easily remove only the cap of the berry, or hollow out a larger cavity, such as when you want to inject a cream filling. It also works well with tomatoes. 3 1/2" long overall with a tough plastic body and stainless-steel jaws. Various colors, depending on supply.

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