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Shielding your ears from harmful noise doesn’t have to mean working in silence. With these Bluetooth-compatible earbuds, you can reduce the risk of hearing damage without being disconnected from your audio and communication devices.

They have high noise reduction (27dB NRR) yet are lighter and less bulky than earmuff-style protectors. They’re comfortable to wear in hot weather and won’t get in the way of a hard hat or other headgear. They use Bluetooth 4.0 with HD streaming audio, providing excellent sound quality and an operating range of 200'. The noise-cancelling microphone minimizes loud background sound so you can communicate over a connected device without having to remove yourself from the noisy environment.

They have an IPX4 waterproof rating so they stand up to perspiration and use in wet conditions, and a rechargeable battery that provides 10 hours of talk time or music play (240 hours on standby). A length of pliable wire attached to each earbud can be formed to a snug fit behind your ear, holding it in place as you move.

Comes with one pair each of extra-small, small, medium and large memory-foam earbud tips, as well as a pair of conical earbud tips (for listening to audio without added hearing protection), a micro USB charging cable and a soft-shell pocket case with room to keep all components together in one place.

OHSA-compliant for workplace use.

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