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This two-stage respirator is effective against particulate aerosols and resists organic vapors and oil-based solvents, letting you safely work with a range of breathing hazards.

The cartridges combine a pleated particle filter and vapor-absorbing activated charcoal, protecting against fine dust and fumes from pesticides, fertilizers and finishes. It has an outstanding efficiency rating (NIOSH P100/OV TC-84A-8062), capturing 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns and larger.

Made of a flexible, hypoallergenic polymer that conforms to the face and forms a dependable seal, it has a lower profile and weighs much less than conventional respirators, making it more comfortable for extended use. Two elastic headbands adjust for a secure fit, and an exhalation valve permits easy breathing and helps prevent your glasses from fogging.

Supplied with a pair of filter cartridges; replacements available separately.

The respirator comes in two sizes (the medium/large size fits about 70% of users).

Made in U.K.

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