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Joshua Klein presents an in-depth study of early 19th century New England pastor and furniture maker Jonathan Fisher.

Drawing from Fisher's detailed journals, personal papers and other sources, the author vividly depicts the social and historical context of this Harvard-educated craftsman's pre-industrial world. Klein also examines surviving examples of Fisher's furniture for minute details that reveal how they were made and how tools were used.

Further, the author creates precise replicas of various pieces in the shop, using similar tools and modelling Fisher's methods, to gain insights into the maker's remarkable productivity. In addition, Klein catalogs over 100 furniture pieces and tools, each photographed and annotated with technical details.

The text is supplemented with color photos, maps, natural history drawings, mathematical exercises, woodcuts and more. A comprehensive and engaging work, this is a stunning book that is sure to captivate woodworkers and history buffs alike.

Smyth-sewn hardcover, 9" × 12", 288 pages, 2018.

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