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If you’d like to give woodworking a try but have little or no tool knowledge, this is an excellent guide to help you get started.

The authors begin by explaining the characteristics of the living tree and describing how it is converted for woodworking purposes. Encouraging beginners to practice tool skills first before tackling complex projects, Goodsell and Maxey focus on tool fundamentals, describing eight basic hand tools such as hammers, hand planes and saws, and teach basic techniques for their use. They also demonstrate the essential tasks of measuring and marking, gluing and sanding, and several types of joinery from basic butt joints to more complex wide box joints that can be used in a variety of woodworking projects.

The straightforward text is supplemented by color photos and helpful tips and tricks throughout. Practical projects, each with a materials list, dimensioned diagram and step-by-step instructions, allow beginning woodworkers to develop their skills while creating six useful items: a wall cabinet, a shelf unit, a picture frame, a toolbox, a table and a small box.

Softcover, 10 3/4" × 8 1/4", 160 pages, 2018.