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A quarterly publication celebrating the art and craft of woodworking by hand, Quercus features the voices of craftspeople and makers from around the world. Named for the genus to which oak belongs, the magazine highlights workmanship and design, woodworking techniques, tools and traditions spanning the centuries.

In this issue, Robin Gates analyzes a straight-leg design as he builds a sawbench, and Mitsuru Hochi describes how to seat chairs with rush and with cord made from twisted paper. Carver and author Mary May gives tips on how to read wood grain, and Dominic Pierce produces colorful woodenware inspired by the Cornish landscape. Doug Stowe, author of The Guide to Woodworking with Kids, describes efforts to bring hands-on woodworking experiences to school children.

Continuing with projects covered in the first issue, Drew Langsner details knifework techniques as he carves a ladle, and Sean Hellman proceeds with his renovation of an old axe.

Other articles include profiles of basketmaker Sandra Kehoe and toolmaker Brian Shugarue, a Q&A with chairmaker Klaus Skrudland, and an essay on boxwood as a medium for engraving and carving.

Printed on thin recycled paper with color photos. Sold as a single issue, not a subscription.

Softcover, 63 pages, 2020.